38 Best Blogging Tools For Beginners To Magnify Your Growth

People are effortlessly automating their manual work to beat the clock! Do you want to know what are these best blogging tools for beginners, that will help you to streamline the workflow in less time?

Moreover, Blogging is becoming more competitive day by day. Wholly, thousands of people are departing from it every day.

Conversely, some experts are accelerating their progress with the help of these Blogging Tools.

Thus, today we are presenting 38 best blogging tools for beginners, which can help you to stand out as an expert in blogging.

Before you proceed, let me tell you that we have categorized all these tools such that you can notice them effortlessly.

Domain And Hosting

Blogging tools for beginners

Domain and hosting are highly necessary to start a blog.

As I outlined in my previous article, if you are getting started with inappropriate resources, it may result in a number of negative consequences for your website.

Thus, here are some of my recommended resources:

These are the trusted sources which you may consider while buying a domain or hosting.

Page Building

blogging tools for beginners

Wondering how I build attractive and creative landing pages? I use page builders. Page builders can help you to modify or even structure a page from scratch.

Which Page Builder I Use To Fabricate Pages On My Blog?

Elementor is my favourite page builder of all time. It can build responsive and fascinating pages within minutes.

Do You Know?

It is uncomplicated to design your pages with its 90+ elements and 300+ Designer built templates.

Is It A Free Page Builder?

Yes, it has both a free and paid plan. If you are just starting out and hesitating to invest money in initial days, then use the free version.

Or if you want to design pages like an adept, then invest in its premium plan.






The sales funnel can be specified as the sales booster. But while building a sales funnel, it’s mandatory to design landing pages.

Here is the tool which I’m using to design landing pages.

It is Thrive Architect. Thrive architect is the #1 landing page builder that can be even integrated with your email marketing tools.

Is It A Free Page Builder?

No, thrive architect costs around $67 per annum or you can access their membership plan at $20 per month where you can get instant access to 10 thrive products.

Keyword and Competitive Research

blogging tools for beginners

Want to explore what tools do I use to do proper keyword and competitive analysis?

If so, then here’s the list!

Researching a keyword that is profitable for your business can be quite challenging.

If this is the case, you should use SEO tools.

Thus, I use semrush. Semrush is the #1 tool for competitive and keyword research.

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Semrush comes with 40+ Top-notch tools/features which will help you to improve your SEO analysis.

Some of its features include:

  1. Domain Overview
  2. CPC Map
  3. Keyword Magic Tool
  4. Social Media Poster and Tracker
  5. Topic Research
  6. SEO Writing Assistant
  7. Content Audit
  8. Traffic Analytics
  9. Organic Competitive Research
  10. Backlink Analytics so on…

These are some of the preeminent features that you’ll get with every semrush plan.

However, Semrush is a bundle that includes 40+ tools, and if you’re a blogger, then I strongly suggest you get it!

If you can’t afford semrush, why don’t you try it out for 7 days (Free trial)!

Ahrefs is another tool that I recommend you to use for better SEO practices.

At the moment, I believe Semrush offers more features at a lower price.

Despite the fact that ahrefs is a little expensive tool if you want an efficient tool that can help you to grow your online business then, contemplate investing in it.

Ubersuggest is a helping hand for those who are looking for a free SEO tool.

Although it has a premium plan, if you need a free tool then can have a look at Ubersuggest.

Layout And Design

blogging tools for beginners

Often, we don’t prepare blog post layouts before writing an article.

Prior to writing your blog post, I recommend that you design a blog post layout and related graphics.

My tools for doing this are listed below.

Workflowy is the best free tool available to create a blog post layout.

It can help you to design your blog post layout and to scribble the best article!

Using copyrighted images can impact downranking of your website or even cause you to pay some fee to its owner!

Thus, using royalty-free images is obligatory. Being so, I invest a few dollars in Shutterstock.

Shutterstock is a gallery of thousands of divine images which you can use on your blog.

Freepik is a display room of thousands of stock and vector graphics which you can get for free of cost!

Yeah, you heard right! It is free. As the name suggests, Freepik offers you enough stock images and vector graphics absolutely for free!

Here’s the tool that I use to design graphics on my blog.

It’s not photoshop! It is canva.

Canva is a free tool with certain limitations which can help you to design graphics for free!

And the good thing is, Unlike photoshop there is no need to have a recommended system requirements to use canva.

Content Fabrication

blogging tools for beginners

If you want to write the best article that surely ranks on any search engine, then you need to utilize content fabricating tools.

That’s why I have a shortlist of tools that you have to use if you want to fabricate better content.

Do you know? I write articles on Google Docs for better readability and then upload it using mammoth docs converter and modify it using elementor pro!

You should utilize Google Docs when writing an article so you can take advantage of the add-ons and other tools that will simplify your work.

Later on, you can modify or design it using page builders like Elementor or Thrive Architect.

In case you still have problems with Grammarly, then here’s its better alternative.

Pro Writing Aid is probably the best proofreading tool I have ever used.

It can be a better alternative to Grammarly and I’m personally using it while creating this article! 

And the good thing is Pro Writing Aid is completely free!

Checking Plagiarism before posting content is highly necessary.

Unfortunately, there are fewer free plagiarism checkers now than there used to be.

But, Quetext has redefined the word Free Plagiarism Checkers.

It is 100% free, and make use of it before they block it for free users.

Content Promotion

blogging tools for beginners

Do you know why you are not getting enough traffic to your blog?

It is due to lack of content promotion.

What do you think? Do you get traffic automatically after writing each blog post?

Certainly Not. After writing every article, you need to promote it on various platforms.

So, to simplify this work, I have listed out a few tools that will help you promote your articles easily.

Generally, It is a good practice to republish your old content on various social media platforms to drive a good amount of traffic.

It is tedious to manually do all this stuff again and again!

But what if you can publish all your content in one click?

To do so, here’s a free plugin called Social Networks Auto-Poster.

It can auto-post your content on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin and others…

Social Snap is the best social sharing plugin used by many experts on their blog.

It will allow you to add floating social share buttons, Click to tweet buttons, Inline sharing buttons, On media share buttons and others…

Literally, Social Snap is the best social sharing plugin which will help you to share your content on 30+ Social Media Platforms.

Firstly, Quora is not a tool! Quora is a free online platform where you can pump your queries.

Quora is a massive way to attain thousands of visitors to your blog by answering questions.

Sounds interesting right? If you are interested in this topic then, consider reading this article on “How to get Traffic to your blog from Quora” By Ankit Singla!

Note my words!

Social Signals play an important role in ranking your web page.

By adding attractive click to tweet buttons, you will be able to elevate your social shares.

In this way, you can nab more social signals to rank higher.

Thus, to do so, here’s a free plugin called Better Click To Tweet.

It is a handy yet free plugin!

Push Notification is free and one of the best ways to promote your blog posts.

I love sending push notifications as they are highly converting.

So to send push notifications you can use this free tool called One signal.

Viral Content Bee is a free platform to share your content. Here you can share your blog post to get a good amount of traffic.

Email Add-ons

blogging tools for beginners

My strategy to achieve higher rankings usually involves guest posting after I publish content. To do guest posting I need to outreach people.

Thus, I utilize a few addons which will aid me in this.

Rebump is an excellent tool which I use to automate my follow-ups.

When you are sending emails you need to automate follow-ups such that you can get higher open rates.

In such cases, Re-Bump assists me.

Hunter is a well-known tool to capture emails. I have been using it for over 6 months and I fell in love with this tool.

If you are a freelancer, Hunter would be a wise investment for you if you want to collect emails.

Ninja outreach greatly simplifies the process of creating automated email-based campaigns

In addition, it can be used to collect emails.

If you are a novice who is still in the learning phase then, it may not be for you!

But, if you are earning a good amount of money, then can invest in this multi-functional tool!

Email Marketing

blogging tools for beginners

I deem you have heard that “If you are not building an email list then, you are not building your business”.

When it comes to promoting your content, Email Marketing stands out first on the list.

Email Marketing not only helps you to promote your content but also it can convert your readers into buyers.

Thus, I am using a few tools which are helping me to do email marketing promptly.

Convertkit has fixed a special throne when it comes to email marketing.

It is the best email marketing software. And you can set an email auto-responder too!

Here are some of the features for that Convertkit is famous for:



I wanted an email marketing provider that was geared toward artists and creators and could work with the other tools we use everyday. I got that with ConvertKit
blogging tools for beginners
Brian Kaplan
Vice President EM.CO
In one year, I've gone from $0 to earning $1,000 with my mailing list - something I didn't even know how to start doing. ConvertKit gave me the tools I needed to actually make a living doing what I love.
blogging tools for beginners
Zulie Rane
Writer, zuliewrites.com

Get Response is the #2 tool that I recommend to you in case you need a strong landing builder along with an email marketing solution.

The good thing for which many experts are using Get Response is its assured 99% delivery rate.

If you are planning to invest in an affordable and worthy tool then, go and grab Get Response now!

As you can observe, I have created several opt-in forms to collect leads on my blog.

And to do this, I am using thrive leads, an evergreen and unforgettable Thrive Product.

It comes with a plenty of pre-built responsive templates, which you can use to design your forms.

Overall, it costs around $67 per annum and it wholly worth it!

Affiliate Marketing Tools

blogging tools for beginners

Want to look up at affiliate marketing tools that are assisting me to magnify my conversion rate?

Don’t worry here’s the list!

After struggling over 8 months, I realized the necessity of Affiliate Link cloaking.

By cloaking your affiliate links you are able to track it and make it more pretty.

There are plenty of plugins available in the market to cloak your affiliate link but, I found thirsty affiliates more useful

It is a freemium plugin that will assist you to cloak your affiliate links.

Thirsty Affiliates has been my go-to link cloaking plugin for years and you can also use it.

Note: Never cloak amazon affiliate links with such plugins, it may lead to loss in your commission.

Muncheye is my go through place to find out newly released products.

Rather than promoting the same product repeatedly, you can promote a newly released product or a product that is yet to release.

To find out which is the relevant and high paying product I sought help from Muncheye.

Online shoppers look for coupon codes before making a purchase.

If you are running an affiliate website then, you have to make use of specialised affiliate coupons to boost your sales.

To add an appealing coupons section, you can make use of this plugin called WP coupons.

Trust me, it is the best WordPress coupon plugin.

WordPress performance and Security

blogging tools for beginners

When it comes to blogging platforms, WordPress lacks security. In addition to Security, you need to maintain your website’s performance too.

So for the purpose of your blog’s maintenance, I have a classy list of some blogging tools for beginners which will help you regarding performance and security!

Jetpack is the #1 WordPress plugin for maintaining the security of your blog.

It also aids you to do a few tasks including social media auto-posting, adding share buttons and so on…

If you are a blogger who hesitates to install a number of plugins then, Jetpack is my first choice as it can do multiple tasks.

Sucuri is an expensive wordpress security tool that can help you to secure your wordpress website!

If you are facing any issues with malware then, Sucuri is the best software to remove it.

They can scan and remove malwares within a few days!

Think once, What if your website server suddenly crashed? Or what if your website got attacked by hackers?

To prevent all the severe issues, you need to take backups regularly.

To schedule daily backups, I use Updraftplus.

Though I’m using Bluehost Servers as it will take daily backups of my website but, still for the sake of security, I take daily automated backups using Updraftplus.

And the good thing is you can even schedule a backup whenever you want!

Go ahead and install it now, It is completely free!

Supplementary Tools

blogging tools for beginners

Let’s move on to some uncategorized tools that I use on my blog.

Rankmath is the best SEO plugin that will assist you to do proper on-page SEO for your blog posts.

Though I’m using Yoast SEO, I’m thinking to migrate to Rankmath as its features are wonderful.

It is a freemium plugin, but as I think its free plan is enough for a new blog.

Do you want to analyze how much traffic your competitors are getting?

If so, then Similar Web is the best free tool to analyze your competitor’s traffic.

I am loving this tool and if you don’t want to check the traffic of other domains by entering their URL on a similar web, you can install their chrome extension for free of cost!

Looking to design a free logo for your brand? If yes, then here’s good news for you!

You can access this free tool just by clicking below and will be able to design professional logos for your brand!

Want to know how I amplified my writing skills? I used to write every day. Writing skillfully became easier for me through this habit.

Using this free tool called 750 Words to write daily without any distractions can help you to write flawless copies.

Here’s a free site that you can use to check whether your content is ranking in search engines or not.

It’s called SERP Robot!

By adding your targeted keywords, you can check your site rankings here for free!

Using Lightshot, you can capture and edit screenshots on your computer easily!

Without a watermark, you can easily take screenshots here and modify them!

Go and download it now. It’s free to use.


I hope you got all the best blogging tools for beginners that are necessary to grow your blog. Don’t be a listener, be an action taker and I admire that you are going to use 20-25 of these tools.

If you found this article helpful, then please share it with your friends to thank me.

What's Next?

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