An Inspiring Interview With Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj {DBIS-01}

Whenever I see an interview, I am motivated to work harder. And it is common among all of us! Thus, from today we are initiating an interview series! Interview with Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

Not only to inspire you folks but also to learn some untold secrets.

So, today, we have Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj, Founder of, who will share his peerless knowledge with us today!

An Inspiring Interview With Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj .

I have asked him several worthwhile questions and I hope you guys will love this Interview with Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj!

Let’s get started.

1) Can you give us a quick and short Introduction of your journey?

First of all, thanks for inviting me to Your Blog.

Hi, this is Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj. I am a 23 years old Full-Time Blogger, Youtuber also an Affiliate Marketer and the founder of and YouTube Channel.

Apart from this, I am also running a few micro-niche blogs and have a Facebook Group namely “BloggingQnA”, and a Telegram channel and a group with more than 5K+ members.

For the latest updates, you can join me on Instagram too!

I got to know about blogging from an MLM seminar when I was in my college the second year.

After that, I created some websites and blogs with copy paste work which obviously didn’t work for me.

After deep research, I started BloggingQna youtube channel and website.

And now all of these things are running very well for me.

2) What do you think is blogging? And how can a newbie get started with it?

Blogging was a hobby 5 to 10 years ago but now it’s a real business.

I simply say it’s not a quick-rich scheme. If you are thinking so, then leave it, blogging is not for you.

This is a real business and like all other businesses, it requires time, money and hard work.

Below I’ll leave some tips to get started with a new blog.

1. Utilize all social media platforms for initial traffic to your blog because for organic traffic you have to wait for some months.

Social Media Platforms not only helps you to get a good amount of targeted traffic but also to build a good relationship with others! 

2. Do networking within your niche.

This will help you in building good relationships with fellow bloggers, and you will get good exposure for your blog.

One more tip, don’t look at what others are doing and start the same.

Simply follow your passion and start your first blog in your interest.

If you do so, then the chances of success are very high as compared to starting a blog on any random niche.

3) How blogging has changed your whole life? And what was your parent’s response when you were in the growing stage?

Blogging changed my life completely.

Before this, I was doing 10 to 6 jobs, and there was no freedom of time, finance and there were no other benefits.

But blogging gives me all of these things. Be it financial freedom, be it time freedom

I work when I want and I take a rest when I want to. It’s simply amazing or I can say the best thing I want.

If I talk about my parents’ reaction, initially, they are not really happy because they thought you couldn’t sit at home and make money online.

But after showing the results, they believed it and right now I’m getting full support from them.

4) What is the blogging platform that you recommend the most for blogging?

Always WordPress for best results.

For more info check out the video mentioned below: 

5) What is the hosting that you recommend for newbies?

It depends on budget and site requirements also. If you have a low budget and just started blogging then try Namecheap, Hostinger or Fastcomet.

If you have a good budget then go for A2hosting, Bluehost or Greengeeks.

If you have high traffic sites then try VPS server or cloud hosting. You can try WPX hosting too!

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6) Design of your website and landing pages really matters in attracting the people?

Yes, definitely no doubts about that.

User retention is most important and for that, you have to provide good landing pages to the visitors.

For that, I use Thrive architect. If you check my blog, my blog homepage, landing pages, and even posts are designed using thrive architect.

But It cost you around $67! If you are unable to invest in thrive architect then you can use Elemntor. It comes with both a free and paid version.

7) What are the blogging tools that you’d like to recommend for our readers?

There are many tools that I use but below are some important tools that every blogger should use.

Thirsty affiliate plugin: – for tracking and cloaking your affiliate link.

There are many but above mentioned are the tools and plugins that every blogger should use!

8) How to rank higher in Google? If you are just starting out.

If you are just starting out then bringing organic traffic will be quite difficult for you.

In that case, you have to utilize social media platforms like Quora, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for initial traffic.

And don’t forget to do networking in your niche. I have created a dedicated video on this. Please check out the video below for a better understanding:

And you can Join Raghavendra’s free course to learn SEO detailly:


interview with mangesh kumar bhardwaj


9) What are the Link-Building Strategies that you recommend the most for newbie bloggers?

There are many link building techniques, but I suggest some of the techniques that I used to do in my initial days for newbies.

1. Blog commenting.

2. Guest posting.

3. Bloggers outreach.

4. Profile creating.

5. Broken link building technique.

6. Haro link building.

10) Do blog commenting Still work?

Yes, it is effective but not that much as in a few years back.

Blog commenting is still a good way to create some initial backlinks for new blogs.

But don’t expect too much from it. You will not get ranking with just blog commenting.

Remember one thing: The backlinks you will get easily will not help you to boost your ranking.

For that, You need to create high-quality backlinks!

11) How can we improve our CTR and how to write catchy blog post headlines like you?

To write a catchy headline for blog posts just use Rankmath or the Yoast SEO plugin.

It will guide you perfectly about the best title for your blog.

And To Improve CTR here are some strategies:

1. Content quality and relevance

2. Powerful Meta tag elements

3. Call-to-action buttons for increasing CTR

12) If a newbie can’t rank higher on Google, then how can he build his Ecosystem to get traffic?

interview with mangesh kumar bhardwaj

Here is an amazing tip to build an ecosystem around your blog.

Start building your audience from Day One. Now the tip is don’t focus on All platforms at the same point in time.

What I suggest is to choose a strong platform and start building your audience on that.

After that, divert that audience to other different platforms.​

That is what I have been doing for a long time. And the results are super amazing.

​I Choose YouTube for building my audience. After that, I diverted that audience to other platforms.

The whole credit goes to my YouTube Channel. Initially, I was only focusing on that and then diverted that audience on different platforms.

And it worked for me!

13) How to grow a Facebook group?

For growing your Facebook group you have provided the best value to the group members and share your group link as much as you can in relevant places.

In my case, I am sharing it in my YouTube videos, telegram channel, and my blog.

From there I am getting quite good results and member requests.

14) What are the Affiliate Programs that you would like to recommend for beginners?

It totally depends on your niche. You have to find out the best affiliate program according to your niche.

Anyway, you can join some affiliate networks like commission junction, Shareasale, Clickbank, Jvzoo.

Here you’ll get some good affiliate programs.

15) How to increase our conversion rate n affiliate marketing?

For that, you have to analyse your blog. Check out from which blog post you are getting sales and create more relevant content around that.

Use banners ads in the sidebar for more conversion.

You can also use exit-intent popups for more conversion.

16) Can you elaborate us about E-Mail marketing?

I am into the learning phase in email marketing.

But it’s a damn good way to generate good sales from targeted traffic.

You can use email marketing for traffic generating, sales and many more things.

I am working on this and after learning the things I will share all the learning with everyone on my YouTube channel.

17) How can we grow our E- Mail list as a newcomer?

You can provide a lead magnet in your blog for email capturing like I am doing.

I am providing an on-page SEO checklist to collect emails.

There are various types of lead magnet like: –

1. Ebook

2. Checklist

3. Cheatsheet

4. Workbook

5. Webinar

6. Free courses

18) What is Sales Funnel? How can a newbie get started with it?

Sales funnel means converting your blog visitors into your customer by guiding them step by step.

Basically, if you follow the buyer’s journey then you can easily create a sales funnel. Every newbie can learn it and implement it.

The sales funnel is each step that someone has to take in order to become your customer.

To learn the sales funnel you will get some videos on Youtube. You can look there.


Generally, I don’t feel comfortable when sharing my Earning proofs.

But, due to the high demand of my audience. Sometimes, I shared it in some of my videos and mainly on my Instagram handle.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram for that and for all the latest updates.

My Earning Proofs from Different Platforms.

Here are the Videos you can check in which I have shared some of my earning proof:


The one and only suggestion to every new blogger out is, don’t take blogging as a quick rich scheme.

You have to invest your money, time, patience, hard work in order to get success.

If you are thinking you will get results in 1 month or in some days then leave it, blogging is not for you.

Anyway, if you follow all these steps successfully then there is a high chance of your success!

Finally, Thanks a lot Mangesh Kumar, for being and sharing your knowledge with us!

Checkout Mangesh’s website Where he is sharing his peerless content with us →


It is true that you can make a living with blogging! But as Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj mentioned it is not a quick-rich scheme.

I hope you guys enjoyed the success story of Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj.

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